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Fiduciary Services

Our comprehensive elder care and aging well services are geared toward our individual client’s needs. We serve a variety of populations, including at-risk seniors, those who wish to age in their own homes, individuals suffering from mental and/or emotional challenges, those suffering from substance abuse, adults vulnerable to exploitation or abuse, isolated adults and other vulnerable populations.

Conservatorship and Trust Administration

Fiduciary Services
  • Conservatorship of the person and/or estate

  • Successor Trustee/Trust Administration

  • Executor/Probate Administration

  • Agent for durable powers of attorney (DPOA)

  • Representative payee for Social Security

Personal Care Coordination

Fiduciary Services

We offer coordination and management of these services:  

  • Financial Management (budgeting, bill pay, money management, debt management, safeguarding of assets)
  • Medication Management
  • Nutritional Support
  • Assistance with Activities of Daily Life (shopping, bathing, housekeeping, transportation, etc.)
  • Advocacy with Physicians and other Health Care Professionals
  • Advocacy with Insurance and Social Security
  • Advocacy with Attorneys for Pending Legal Issues
  • Assistance with Temporary Restraining Orders
  • Advocacy for Aging Independently in your Own Home
  • Substance Abuse/Family Dysfunction Issues
  • Advocacy with End of Life Decisions and Planning
  • Assistance in filing for and receiving Veteran’s benefits 

In Home Care Management

Fiduciary Services
  • Engage caregivers and/or arrange placement outside the home
  • Comprehensive Assessment and Care Plan
  • Organize and coordinate doctor appointments
  • Oversee personal health care needs
  • Dementia care

Powers of Attorney

Fiduciary Services
  • Serve as Agents under Durable Powers of Attorney for Finances and Advanced Health Care Directives