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I recently lost my father after a 3 month illness. This experience would have been difficult enough, but I would have been lost without the kind and capable help of Courtney DeSoto and her services. Like many elderly, my father had never organized his life, or his paperwork. While navigating through the tasks of getting medical directives, power of attorneys, insurance change of beneficiary forms and whatever else came up, Courtney helped me with her knowledge of what was needed and where to get it. Add to all this, I live in Texas and my father was in Ventura. Courtney kept it all going via email, phone and fax. She visited my father on a regular basis, reported back to me on the caregiver in place, found and an attorney and a notary that would go to see my father in his assisted living center. In short, she helped me manage to provide my father with the care I wanted for him and he deserved. I will forever be grateful to Courtney for her friendship and assistance at a very hard time in my life. Her services to me were a blessing.